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Precio P.V.P.: ¡Contactenos! / Unidad (IVA incluido)

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The Legacy V-271 is an excellent solution for speech applications and is designed to be mounted above, below, or between on-wall video monitors.

This sound reinforcement for video monitor solution is suited for conference rooms, classrooms, media rooms or anywhere needing an all in one high quality audio solution. The system incorporates two channels of ICEpower® auto-sensing amplification and stereo or mono RCA inputs on the recessed rear panel. A specialized cavity is perfect for placing a tracking video camera.

Camera outputs and AC line are routed through the rear grommet. The two 7″ midrange drivers provide detailed and clear speech and two 1″ silk dome tweeters deliver wide dispersion and crystal clear highs. The drive components are selected to reproduce the spoken word with high clarity. The directivity index of each speaker channel is acoustically optimized for the half-space condition, predicated by wall placement. The internal crossover compensates for the boundary induced amplitude affects. The amplifier is matched to the driver components to provide ample power.

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Output Format: 2 way/stereo or mono
Intended Location: Half space/wall loaded
Design Type: Speech optimized
Directivity Index: 3.0-3.5 100Hz to 5kHz
Internal Amplification: 2 x 30 watts <1% distortion
High Frequency Driver: 1″ neo silk dome, thermal sink
Mid Frequency Driver: 7″ custom silver graphite cone, cast frame
Frequency Range: 80Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 2.83 Volts: 91.5 dB /1m
Input Sensitivity: 1.0 Volts
Input Connectors: Dual RCA 115 V AC
Finish: Charcoal-Embossed Aluminum
Installation: Wall or shelf
Mounting/Attachment: Bolts into threaded inserts
Dimensions (inches): 8.25 H x 8 D x 47.6 W
Weight: 38 lbs
Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC
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