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Precio P.V.P.: 2.190€ / Unidad (IVA incluido)

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Legacy’s Versa-10 is not only great sounding, but is one of the most versatile loudspeakers of its kind. This vented 2 driver, 2 way system in a truncated trapezoid design can be ceiling mounted in boardrooms (via a threaded Chief® bracket), for example, or used as a stage floor monitor in venues ranging from clubs to sanctuaries. The Versa-10 is also an excellent solution for surround channels when there is no wall for mounting. Its compact size and high efficiency are the result of our premium 10” woofer and Italy’s finest ring radiator tweeter. The angled enclosure provides proper orientation for upward or downward splay and minimizes microphone feedback.

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Applications: Ceiling post-mount, floor monitor, etc.
System Type: Vented, 2 driver, 2 way system, truncated trapezoid
Mounting: Uses Chief® extension, post-mount or floor
System Directivity: 60 degrees horizontally, 60 degrees vertically
Projection Distance: Up to 40 feet
Tweeter: 1″ ring radiator
Midwoofer: 10″ accordion edge, carbon/pulp
Low Frequency Alignment: Vented
Frequency Response (Hz, +/-3dB): 48-20k
Sensitivity (Room, dB @2.83V): 94
Crossover Frequency (Hz): 2.8k
Inputs: Binding post with terminal cup or lead out wires
Dimensions HxWxD (inches): 11.25 x 24 x 12
Weight: 32 lbs each
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