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Precio P.V.P.: 33.890€ / Unidad (IVA incluido)

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The Double Helix is capable of high SPL audio of the highest quality while maintaining a controlled radiation pattern via DSP. This super speaker system was originally designed for L.A. Reid and Universal Music Group and is employed in the Michael Jackson Conference Center at SONY/Epic Studios in Manhattan.

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Applications: Main channels for theaters, clubs, auditoriums
System Type: DSP steerable, 4 way system, includes internal amplification for midbass and dipolar bass, 4 way system
Mounting : Fixed, portable or flown
System Directivity: Cardioid, 45 degree vertically, 60 degrees horizontally
Projection Distance: Up to 160 feet
Tweeter: Compression horn
Midrange: (4) 6.5″ arrayed drivers with phase plug
Midwoofer: (4) dipolar 15″, 2 sealed 15″ chamber loaded
Subwoofer: mate with doubleHelix subwoofer
Low Frequency Alignment: Dipolar + compression chamber
Freq. Response (Hz, +/-3dB): 42- 20k with processor
Sensitivity (Room, dB@ 2.83V): 107
Crossover Freq. (Hz): 400, 800, 3K
Inputs: 4 XLR balanced inputs
Internal Amplification: (2) to (4) channels of 500 watt ICEpower® amplification
Peak Output Current: 35 A per channel
Idle Noise: 80 microvolts
Output per channel: 500W @ 0.05% THD+N (1kHz, 4Ω)
Amplifier Efficiency: 83% (250W, 8Ω)
Protection Schemes: under-voltage, thermal, over-current, high frequency
Idle Power: 3 watts/per module x 4
Start-up: Soft start, mute/de-mute
Dimensions (inches) HxWxD: 62 x 36 x 18
Weight: 350 lbs each
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