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Precio P.V.P.: 43.190€ / Unidad (IVA incluido)

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The Wavelaunch Array is designed specifically for the highest quality in music and sound reproduction, providing unprecedented uniform directivity control down to the second octave.

The digital matrix steering assures off-center seating is as balanced as the center of the house. The ‘tic-tac-toe’ array utilizes dipolar radiators in the four corner cells to contour side radiation and greatly reduce spill-over.

Available with up to 4 channels of 1,000 watts internal power, the cells of the matrix are adjustable in time and intensity relative to their neighboring cells. The DSP processing is available in 4 x 8, 8 x 8, and 16 x 16 input/output configurations, making the Wavelaunch Array the perfect solution for high definition audio in the theater environment.

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Applications: Long projection, high SPL, live sound, theaters, auditoriums
System Type: Proprietary 4 way ‘tic-tac-toe’ array reduces bass spill-over and sidewall interaction
Mounting : Stackable
System Directivity: 45 degrees vertically, 45 degrees horizontally
Projection Distance: Up to 200 feet
Tweeter: Compression,coaxial
Midrange: (4) 6.5″ arrayed drivers with phase plug
Midwoofer: (4) dipole, (4) sealed 15″ carbon filled pulp
Subwoofer: mate with doubleHelix subwoofer
Low Frequency Alignment: Supercardioid
Freq. Response (Hz, +/-3dB): 35 -20k
Sensitivity (Room, dB@ 2.83V): 110 dB
Crossover Freq. (Hz): 400, 800, 3K
Inputs: 4 XLR balanced inputs
Internal Amplification: (2) to (4) channels of 500 watt ICEpower®
Peak Output Current: 35 A per channel
Idle Noise: 80 microvolts
Output per channel: 500W @ 0.05% THD+N (1kHz, 4Ω)
Amplifier Efficiency: 83% (250W, 8Ω)
Protection Schemes: under-voltage, thermal, over-current, high freq.
Idle Power: 3 watts/per module x 4
Start-up: soft start, mute/de-mute
Dimensions (inches) HxWxD: 3 sections, 18 x 54 x 18
Weight: 165 lbs/section
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